Introducing The Best Work Comp Insurance In The World
Powered by Zenjuries, our work comp program makes it easier, faster, and more cost effective to protect your business.
What is Zenployers?
Zenployers is the best workers’ compensation insurance program in the world!
Why is it the best?
We’ve invented the world’s first workers' comp web app and mobile app designed exclusively to light the way for employers and employees. Our exclusive technology makes it simple for businesses to navigate the workers' comp system from start to finish!
Why is this valuable?
Our program creates data points in real time so employers can identify and erase the typical fluff, fat, and waste that typically occurs in the traditional workers' comp system. The outcome is lower costs per claim and employers in control of their own workers' comp premiums year after year!
Easier Work Comp. Smarter Work Comp. That’s Zenployers.
What makes Zenployers Stand Out from the Rest?
Quite simply, Zenployers gets its power and capabilities from Zenjuries.

Zenjuries is our flagship software platform that allows us to make Zenployers the best choice for modern easy-to-use workers' comp management.
Smart Web-based App
Using our web-based application Zenjuries, you will be able to submit injuries, communicate with your injury team and your injured employee real-time, and complete workers' comp injuries in a flash!
Zenjuries was designed from the ground up to be simple to understand, easy to use, and enjoyable to work with utilizing modern design practices. We update our software often, and we listen to our customers to make improvements to help our workers' comp experience be the absolute best.
Specialized Mobile App
Advanced work comp reporting and management on the go! With the integration of Zenjuries, we have the ability to submit, track, and manage any injury event through our easy-to-use and customized system.
It was designed to be a snap to understand, a pleasure to use, and provide all the information and updates you need to progress through your employee's injury from start to finish. No more being stuck in the 19th century with antiquated ways of traditional workers' comp.
Our Technology is what makes Zenployers special
Proprietary technology carefully designed around the businesses that buy and use the WC product is the edge Zenployers has over every other WC program.
What is workers' comp insurance? And why do I need it?
Workers' compensation insurance is a state-mandated insurance program that provides medical, disability, survivor, burial, and rehabilitation benefits to employees who are injured or killed due to a work-related injury or illness.
In nearly all states, and with few exceptions, businesses are required by law to carry workers’ compensation insurance.
Zenployers is here to make this all easy for you.
How Zenployers works
10 Steps to easy and affordable workers' comp
Begin Submission
Start an online quote or email your submission, and start the gears moving on the Zenployers process.
Receive Quote
Receive your workers’ compensation quote back to your inbox which will include the software.
Bind Coverage
Bind your coverage.. you're almost ready to go!
Handoff scheduling to the Zenjuries onboarding team. Professionals at your beck and call.
30 day window to onboard into Zenjuries. Let us do the work for you!
Go Mobile
Download our iPhone or Android App. Use Zenployers and Zenjuries on the move.
Have Fun!
Enjoy Zenjuries while collaborating with your team throughout the futurized work comp experience.
Enjoy lower costs by controlling every single injury. Couldn't be easier!
Renew year over year for continued convenience, savings, and peace of mind.
Tell the world how awesome your work comp program is through Zenployers!
Super Easy
Helpful tools, time saving methods. Get an online quote in minutes.
Major Savings
Coverage customized for you. Save up to 33% on workers’ compensation.
Proven & Trusted
Participating companies agree, Zenployers saves big year after year.
Zenployers serves all businesses across America
Most businesses are required to carry workers’ compensation coverage to protect their business from work-related employee injuries and illness.
Want to see for yourself how Zenployers can improve your business and save you money? Get your quote in seconds!
Quick. Simple. Online.