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Alabama Workers' Compensation
Alabama is known for its amazing slow cooked southern BBQ and seafood, deep roots in musical heritage, and passion for sports. However, the Yellowhammer State is also known for its many small businesses and massive corporate headquarters.
Alabama’s business industry has been growing recently. The state is known for its gorgeous coastline, amazing southern cooking, and its rich history in the music industry. Major Alabama industries include automotive, chemical manufacturing, technology, and forestry. Encompass Health, Regions Financial, Civil Air Patrol, Bfw Liquidation, and BE&K are all have headquarters in Alabama.
Small businesses in Alabama employ more than 765,200 people, this accounts for almost 48% of the state’s private workforce, and with more than 36,500 workplace injuries and 89 fatalities across all industries in 2018, small businesses need to make sure they have workers’ compensation insurance coverage.
Large businesses in Alabama also self-insure and set aside funds that are dedicated to workers’ comp. Zenployers is a perfect match for this as well.
Some facts about Alabama Workers' Compensation
WC Overview
Alabama has a no-fault workers’ compensation system. That means it doesn’t matter if an employee caused their own injury by being careless. If they are otherwise eligible, they are entitled to benefits. However, there are some exceptions.
WC Exceptions
  • Employ less than five employees at any one business
  • Business of constructing or assisting onsite construction single family or detached residential dwellings.
  • Domestic employees
  • Farm Labor
  • Casual employees and municipalities having population of less than 2,000
WC Coverage
  • Doctor/Hospital visits
  • Medical costs
  • Repetitive injuries
  • Ongoing medical costs
  • Funeral costs
  • Disability
WC Payouts
Your worker’s comp insurance must pay for your employee’s medical treatment from day one for any work-related injury. Work-related illnesses are also covered under workers’ compensation law. Illnesses or conditions caused by exposure to harmful conditions (such as mold) or products (such as caustic chemicals) are all covered. If your employees are injured in this way at work in Alabama, they may be entitled to benefits under workers’ compensation law.
Fatal injuries were men
Injuries were in the Construction trade work field
Injuries were in Transportation occupation
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