Technology makes us special!
Technology. Knowhow. Experience.
Our advanced web application
Proprietary technology that has been carefully designed around the businesses that buy and use the workers' comp product is the secret ingredient that separates Zenployers from every other workers' comp program.
Have you ever downloaded an app from Google Play or The App Store that helps you navigate successfully, flawlessly through the workers' comp system?
...(crickets)... Yeah, we know… there were none, until now!
Would you jump into your car and drive 7 hours away to someplace you’ve never been before without your GPS system? Of course not! However, that’s exactly what business have been asked to do when it comes to work comp claims.
Our advanced mobile application
Think about it. Most businesses don’t know who, what, when, where, why, how, and how long when it comes to successfully performing at “best practices level” during workers’ comp claims. How would they know?! There’s no manual, no app, no “how-to”, no anything! Typically, they get hotlines, strangers, and higher costs.
By carefully dismantling every portion, entity and task that comes along with managing WC, we reverse engineered the best practices for every roll in the system all the way through the WC process. Then, we automated them to make it super simple to achieve great results through our app. The results are lower WC costs and awesome user experiences.
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